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Simyra - Limestone

A hugely popular stone, this hard limestone comes in a beige colour with mottled darker beige patches. It is very versatile which allows it to be used in multiple scenarios, bathrooms, kitchens, patios or walls, floors or pool copings, this stone is always a winner. Add to FavouritesAdd to Favourites FavouritesFavourites List


  • 400mm x 400mm x 12mm
  • 400mm x 400mm x 20mm
  • 400mm x 70mm x 15mm (skirting)
  • 600mm x 140mm x 10mm Wall & Floor Strip
  • 600mm x 400mm x 20mm
  • 600mm x 600mm x 15mm
  • 600mm x 600mm x 20mm
  • 600mm x 70mm x 10mm (Wall & Floor Strip)
  • 600mm x 70mm x 15mm (skirting)
  • 900mm x 600mm x 20mm
  • Random Length x 140mm x 15mm
  • Random Length x 70mm x 15mm
  • Random Lengths x 140mm x 15mm
  • Random Lengths x 300mm x 15mm
  • Randon Lengths x 300mm x 20mm
  • Roman Pavement x 15mm
  • Roman Pavement x 20mm

A warm beige stone created from small compacted sand particles lithofied other time to create a beautiful limestone with a solid feel. The brossato (brushed) finish gives a slightly pitted appearance adding an extra dimension to your floor.

Limestone is a sedimentary stone whose colour and detail are influenced by many natural components such as grains of sand, rock fragments and seashells forged together through heat and pressure over millions of years.